Gbenga Offo

Gbenga Offo was born in 1957 and trained at Yaba College of Technology as a Graphics Designer. Gbenga received the Best student award at graduation in 1984. He spent more than a decade in advertising industry, during this period, Gbenga continued painting to broaden the scope of his creativity. He later resigned from his paid job to be a full-time studio artist. He has participated in a number of exhibitions (solo and group) locally and internationally.
Ever since Gbenga Offo walked out of the advertising studios into full time work as a painter, he has ingratiated himself into the mainstream art scene in Lagos, the coastal city that is Africa’s most populated metropolis.

Offo has exhibited extensively locally and internationally. Every one of his work is a story and his choice of figurative art in an environment increasingly contending with debates around conceptual art and installation methods is a measure of free will. He continues to look for ways to extend the signature of the figurative-line-geometry he has defined for himself.

Gbenga Offo a figural expressionist was consistent in predictive form and style. In subjugating colours and images, Offo, in the stylised big eyes, appears to have found a footing, such that he argues it was one of the most important decisions that he had to make. However, he would not wait for saturation to set in. He states: “One must constantly endeavour to explore new ways of doing things, so that, new doors would be opened.” The search for that ‘unique’ form, he warns, is an endless, exciting and rewarding journey.
Gbenga is widely collected artist.

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