Joe Amenechi

Joe Amenechi is an internationally renowned artist who has crafted his skills over a period of two decades. His major works have beenjoe 3 displayed in major exhibitions in England, Scotland, Netherlands, Israel, South Africa, Senegal and Nigeria. Many of his works are held in private collections all over the globe. His works are influenced by the great traditional African motifs derived from the legendary Nok, Ife, Benin, Igbo, and Yoruba kingdoms. His mentor is world renowned artist, Bruce Onobrakpeya. Joe’s works, in whatever medium, is critically acclaimed for his compositional ability, intricacy of form, and attention to detail.



Statement:“My overwhelming motives are to preserve the traditional features of our ancestors. For this reason my artistic expression relies heavily on images and symbols or seemingly fetish objects of our Ancestors. I experiment with printing techniques, prints drawn from engravings on epoxy built on zinc plates, printing on paper by intaglio methods, aluminum foil used to draw out the image from an engraved epoxy plate and painted metal foil embosses on low relief designs. I also experiment with watercolor, oil, emulsion paints and sand. my artistic expression relies heavily on the images and symbols of my ancestors as well as the realities of today’s urban Africa.”


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