Muri Adejimi

Muri Adejimi, born at Winneba, Ghana in 1958, is from Ede in Osun state. After his primary education in Ede, he moved to muri 1Lagos in 1973 to study Fine Art under the celebrated artist, Abayomi Barber at the Art Studio, School of African and Asian Studies, University of Lagos.

Adejimi is one of Nigeria’s finest surrealists, and an exceptional portraitist. Adejimi has been commissioned to paint portraits of several important people including: Prince Charles.

He is listed in the Smithsonian Institute’s Who is Who in African Art. A prolific portraitist, Adejimi has painted eminent personalities within and outside the country. Some of his exhibitions are National Art Institutions Exhibition, National Theater; Lagos (1980), Nigerian Art Exhibition, Bonn Germany (1982), Nigerian Contemporary Art, Austria (1983) and A Bend in the River at the CORA’s 7th Lagos Book and Art Festival held at the National Museum, 2005.

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