Begginner’s Guide to Nigerian Cooking – Nigerian Cookbook


If you want easy to follow Nigerian recipes that are shown step by step in more than 400 beautiful photographs, then, you’ve hit a jackpot. Whether it is learning how to ride a bicycle or learning how to make delicious and yummy Nigerian foods, we all want the learning curve to be an easy one. That’s exactly what you get in this cookbook – easy to follow recipes. Made specially for beginners, professionals and other Nigerian food lovers. Are you married to a Nigerian person? Are you dating a Nigerian Person? Are you looking to surprise your special someone with recipe from home or you are just looking to try recipes from Africa. This cookbook was written specially for you. There are over 35 different recipes in total. Nigerian Swallow Recipes (4) Nigerian Soup Recipes (8) Nigerian Rice Recipes (4) Nigerian Snack Recipes (4) Nigerian Breakfast Recipes (4) Yam Recipes (4) Nigerian Drink Recipes (3) Other Nigerian Local Foods (4) As a bonus, I added the recipe for grilling chicken and making vegetable salad the African way. You will also find detailed information about most of the ingredients and spices used, you learn where to purchase them all over the world. I have been making Nigerian foods for close to 25 years and knows all the roadblocks you may encounter as a beginners, this cookbook aim to make your journey a smooth one. I have taken time to research these recipes and only provided recipe for foods that are easy to make, most of the required ingredients can also be purchased from any part of the world. So you have nothing to lose but so much to gain for purchasing this wonderful cookbook today.