Showcasing your Artworks, Artist and Gallery on is much more than just a website, it is a dynamic social network for artists – a vibrant community where you can share, showcase and sell your paintings and connect with other artists.

In addition, Art Galleries, Schools and Art Societies can keep readers up to date with the latest events and exhibitions.  Meanwhile, for artists, the first step is to register your Portfolio to be able to showcase and sell your artworks via

Your Portfolio

Portfolio is a place where Artists can Share, Showcase and Sell their work and communicate with other artists. It is the easy way to promote your art online.

By registering a Portfolio account, you will be given your very own web page, and a customized URL e.g.

There are two types of artists portfolio – Portfolio Standard (which is free) and Portfolio Classic (which costs N1,000 One Thousand Naira only (about $6.25 USD) per month)

Getting started

To set up your Artist Portfolio, feature your gallery, submit an Exhibition or Competition, read our portfolio submission guide below. The guide explains how to register your portfolio, submit relevant pictures/images art and even relevant articles if available.  Alternatively, you can click on the link below to register

What is Portfolio Classic?

Portfolio Classic membership allows artists, galleries and collectors to share, showcase and sell your art from your personal web page on

  • Display as many paintings as you want
  • Sell your work in our online “Gallery” area.
  • Showcase your work in regular exhibitions
  • Showcase your work in regular online exhibitions.
  • Publish your own blog for other readers
  • PLUS Exclusive special offers and benefits on art materials, gallery openings and competitions

As a special introductory rate, Portfolio Classic costs 11,000 Eleven Thousand Naira only ($68.75 USD) per year or N1,000 One Thousand Naira only (about $6.25 USD) per month). Click here to register your account

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Portfolio Standard?

Portfolio Standard is the entry level membership, which allows artists to:

  • Share your art the easy way with your own web page
  • Share a limited number of paintings
  • Connect with Facebook to show work to friends

Registration for a Portfolio Standard account is completely free for artists. Click here to register

How do I register my Portfolio account?

Register for your Portfolio account on the registration page here. Once you have selected the type of account you want, you need to pick a user name with which to promote your work – in most cases this will be your name or organization name. Then we’ll create the web address that you can share with friends and customers:

How do I upload my art and other relevant Text information and links?

To upload your Artworks, Text information and link to relevant informations online, click here to fill the online form or email the details to us at

Information about your artwork or artist

We advice that you snap your pictures with high resolution digital camera and email or attach with the online form, ensure you include the details such as size in centimeters, the price, subject and medium (if it’s an artwork). For the text information, we suggest as much relevant details as possible.

How do I sell my art?

You need to have a Portfolio Classic account in order to sell your work. With a Portfolio Classic account, any art you upload can be sold on the artsofnigeria “online Gallery” area and visiting buyers can make contact with you.

Artists & Illustrators takes no commission of any art you sell – we simply put the buyer in direct contact with you by email and phone, so you can arrange payment and delivery at your discretion.

How do I blog?

Writing a blog – a short or long article on the subject of your choosing – is a great way to add personality to your profile and to help people find you. Any blogs you write appear on your portfolio itself and in the Portfolio Blogs section of the website.

The contents you write on the blog can be as long or short as you like, and about any subject.  Some ideas for what to write about include: What inspires you? What have been the best experiences you have had through your art? What events or exhibitions have you been to recently?  For more advice, click here to contact us.

To write a blog entry, write a relevant article relevant to Art and Antiquities, include your contact details and your Portfolio USERNAME (so as to link it to your page), then email it to us at

Managing a Society or Gallery Portfolio

If you are a Gallery or Society, then you can set up a profile for your organization and publish announcements about upcoming events and exhibitions.

How do I register my Society?

To register your society page, simply email your contact details to

We will need to know:

1. The name of your Gallery

2. Your full name

3. Your email address

4. Your Society Profile

We will respond to your request within 24/48Hours, with your login details.

How do I register my Gallery?

To register your Gallery page, simply email your contact details to

We will need to know:

  1. The name of your gallery
  2. Your full name
  3. Your email address
  4. Your Gallery Profile

We will respond to your request within 24/48Hours, with your login details.

How do I join an existing society?

If you are a member of a society listed on Artists and Illustrators, you can join it by emailing us at

How do I announce an event?

To add an upcoming event or exhibition, email us the full details such as Name, Description, Email, Phone, Website and other relevant details about the event and email it to us at . Then we’ll publish it for you on once verified.

Any other questions?

If this doesn’t answer your questions then feel free to contact us via .

Art Valuation & Consulting

If you need professional advice about how to detect the quality and marketability of an artwork, our team of professionals offers consulting service to make this easy for you. In addition, if you require valuation of your art collection we will research and supply you with a valuation based on recent sales. Click here to contact us>>