TMPLibrary Art Challenge

Is a one day event on Creative Art Challenge organised by The Moors Project Library (TMPL) which comprises of exhibition on arts works scheduled to hold on Saturday 20th of January 2018 from 2:30pm – 8:30pm at Eko Hotel, Lagos Island Lagos Nigeria.

The event is organised for the skilled and talented artists and will accommodate more than 40 visual artists, the aim of the event is to educate the African community and as well expose their rich heritage and values to the world.

It will also help in encourgaing and supporting the African history and entrepreneurship in the areas of arts and crafts, carved materials, hand made jewelries and accessories.

When & Location
Location:Lagos, Nigeria
Date:20/01/2018 02:30 PM to 20/01/2018 08:30 PM

Event Organiser:The Moors Project Library

Address:Eko Hotel, Lagos Island
Event Price:free



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